Cheeky cheetah cub gets the drop on wildlife photographer.

chetahA cheeky cheetah cub gets the drop on a wildlife photographer, sneaking up behind him and perching brazenly on his shoulder.

Photographer Stu Porter had been scanning the savannah of Tanzania’s Ngorongoro conservation area for a great wildlife picture when the inquisitive cub popped up to say hello.

Despite the interruption, Mr Porter’s patience paid off when he captured a brilliant sequence of pictures in which a mother cheetah gave chase to a fox before the much smaller animal turned the tables.

Leaps and bounds: The cheetah begins by chasing the desert fox around the savannah in Tanzania's Ngorongoro Conservation area

The female cheetah appears to have the fox on the run after she noticed it was snooping around her cubs

Standoff: After slipping away from the Cheetah the fox stops in its tracks and confronts the much larger predator

Scaredy cat: The fox turned the tables and started chasing the Cheetah

Mt turn: The fox turns the tables charging the Cheetah and sending her packing.

Victorious:The group of foxes look especially pleased with themselves after seeing of the much larger animal

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